Custom plastic services to perfectly suit your needs

Tank Repair

Zeebest's qualified plastic welders are equipped with the latest in plastic welding equipment. Rather than replace a damaged tank, our welders are often able to repair cracks and fractures, giving new life to your old tank that would otherwise need replacement.

Mold Making

With our in-house mold making facility, our experienced technicians are able to assist you in the development and refinement of your manufactured product. With years of experience in intricate mold design, we are able to produce virtually any rotomolded polyethylene product that you can dream up. Zeebest technicians can consult with you to enhance the quality of your product. No product is too large or too complicated! Give Zeebest a try!

Custom Plastic Fabrication

Zeebest Plastics carries a large inventory of plastic sheet materials for use in custom plastic fabrication. Our qualified plastic welders can fabricate custom boxes, drip trays and custom polyethylene components to suit your specific needs and space requirements. Perhaps you need a containment tray or simply an irregular shaped custom plastic object. Zeebest can solve that space limitation for you with a custom designed and custom fabricated solution, made exclusively for you!

Custom Metal Fabrication

With Zeebest's in house metal fabrication shop we can supply you with custom metal components to compliment your plastic products. Our fab shop has the equipment to make almost any metal project possible. From elevated tank stands to custom frames and brackets to specialty skids, Zeebest will build to suit your specific needs.

Heat Tracing and Insulation Packages

Zeebest offers heat tracing and insulation packages for virtually any tank we sell. This provides you with the ability to store water or sewer outdoors during Canada's cold winter months. All that is required is a 110 volt power source.

Custom Flange Installation

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